Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I did it!! I bungeed off a 52 meter bridge by my ankles (opposed to the less adventures waist option) For this trip Brittany and I tried a different travel group called Adventure Korea. We have had such good luck with these groups. All we do it wire a little chunk of change in exchange for a hassle-free and action packed day. The trips have also been a great way to meet other out going English teachers from all over Korea.
Two charter buses full of foreigners departed the station at 8am. We arrived at our scenic location just two and half-hours after leaving Seoul. First on the agenda was some white water rafting (or more like clam river cruising). Our boat of 9 was lead by a little energetic Korean, who named us “A-team”. I don’t know how he knew the title of Brittany’s and I running joke but I knew it meant today was going to be epic.
The rafting ride was 7km of gentle rapids and lots of Korean chanting. I think I even picked up a few new Korean phrases. The river was lined with a dozen or so beautiful waterfalls and some very interesting rocks that were supposedly formed by volcanic lava.

After our rafting and lunch break we made our way to the bridge of doom. Not wanting to hesitate (or miss my opportunity like last time). I rushed to the font of the bungee line. After signing my initials and jumping on the scale I was on the ledge with straps around my ankles with only 3 people in front of me. I was so nervous to jump I couldn’t bear watching the jumpers in front of me. I was mostly trying to concentrate on which diving technique I would use. Before I knew it, the bungee cord was attached to my legs and I was being given the clear to jump.

As soon as I put my toes on the edge I freaked out. I looked down and thought no way can I just dive off this bridge. I knew it was too late to turn around now and the longer I waited the worst it would get. So I had to did and quick.
I shut my eyes for one second, gave out a yell and dove off the ledge. Taking that step was probably the scariest moment in my life.
Once I opened my eyen I was falling head first towards the water. I actually went so far down my hands touched the water. Then I immediately shot all the way back up, almost to my original jump off spot. At this point I was still screaming at the top of my lungs and was not looking forward to falling straight back down, but I did. This repeated it self about 3 times before I eventually lost momentum and started spinning in circles by ankles until the man in the rowboat came to my rescue and unhooked my legs. Once I was safely in the boot, I realized my entire body was shaking and that my blood-curdling scream had caught the attention of every person in the surrounding 5km. Thank god my friend on land captured the whole thing. Check it out! You can hear me scream!
From Maddy in the East

Looking back I wouldn’t say bungee jumping was “fun”. It was just down right terrifying. I was scared the entire time. Your body doesn’t react well to free falling for that long. I think it was defiantly scarier then sky diving but I am glad I did.
Once I got home I noticed my ankles were a little larger then normal. I figured they just weren’t use to carrying my entire body weight upside down by a bungee cord. Well two days later my right foot (the one that ruined my summer last year) was really bothering me. I taking my mothers advice and advantage of my free health coverage and popped over to the clinic. With some pointing and a couple broken English sentences the doctors decided I needed acupuncture. I have never had oriental medicine but I figured why not. They took me to the back and stuck six needles in my legs for about 20 minutes. It was painful at all but I am not sure what it is suppose to do. My foot still hurts but maybe its one of those things that takes awhile to set in. I will let you know how it turns out. I am off to the airport to pick up Andrew!! Then we are off to magical Thailand on Friday.